Not able to find companion app un gear store

Hi guys, I’m having a problem, I have both applications installed (companion and main app). I’m using a S3 gear and a S7 edge. One day I got a notification to update the companion app so I went and tried to do so, but It showed an error stating the app was not found or not available anymore… And from that day on, the companion app disappeared, I can’t access it / find it anymore, and even when I have it already installed and working, since I can’t find it, I can’t update it, and Im afraid that if I have to reset the watch, I will not be able to install it again…

Hi there!

Sorry about that! We’ve received multiple reports of the Facer app for S2/S3 not being available in some countries and re working on resolving the issue with Samsung. Hoping it will be back in the store imminently.