Not able to save my work?

My design has been trying to finish saving for the last day. I assume because there are a lot of frames in the animation (24) but am not sure. Has anyone else got this problem?

Yeah I got this bug recently. It will just keep acying like it’s saving but it’s already saved. If you reload the page and hit send to watch it should send immediately. I know that can be scary because you don’t want to lose your work but that worked for me. I just hope it works for you too. I’d feel terrible if you list your work because of me. I had to do that many times for the whole day.

A way I’ve found to check whether or not it’s actually saved is to open a new tab and inspect the watchface in new tab, and see if the changes have been applied. If so, great, you can close the first tab, if not, you still have the backup of the unsaved changes.

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Good call @poopalah

awesome. thanks for the help @syntaxracing and @poopalah

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