Not all watches available in settings

Hello Folks,

I have noticed some of the watches are not available in the Facer settings ‘Select watch’ menu.
I think this will allow Facer to know what dimensions to show on your screen am I right?
Currently, I have a Michael Kors Access Lexington 2, the gen 5 model from 2019 which is not available in the list of watches. What is my best watch choise in this menu, and will my own watch also be included in the app?

Thanks in advance!

Are you talking about selecting the watch in the face preview screen?

If so then yes, the choice of preview watches is limited but just because a watch is not included in the preview does not mean that it is not compatible with Facer.

As I understand it, most ( maybe all ) recent WearOS and Tizen watches should be ok.

If you want to check a specific watch you could submit a request via this page

Hello mikeoday,

Thanks for your reply. I forgot to mention this is in the Facer app on Android.
And yes this is also shown in the face preview screen.

So if I understand you correctly, in the facer app(on android) in the settings menu ‘Select watch’ you can choose whatever watch you want and facer will automaticly detect your screen resolution even know it is not the same as the selected one?

The Phone App and the webpage are pretty much the same in that they only have a selection of watches that you can use to preview faces on. However, just because your watch does not show up in the list does not mean that Facer will not work with your watch.

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I think you shoul select the newest Michael Kors available in the options… I think should work fine with your watch…