Not exactly sure what I want

So there’s something I want to attempt but I’m not sure what it would be called or where to look for it.
Basically what I am curious about is do you remember those clocks from the olden days that flipped kind of like so?

My question is is that possible? And are there any tutorials on here that discusses how to do it?

1 Like has been covered . Flip Clocks . You are best inspecting the work of those that have done it properly . Right now I can not recall the names . Most of them are asleep a the moment .
Have a look here . Brad is one of the masters .
If you speak very nicely to @bradtc he might make the work inspectable . All 300 layers .


Cool nice to know that it can be done. Now to see about finding a guide.


I did not go down that route, since I do believe that it takes quite some effort. And @lramos333 has actually mastered it, so I figured it cannot be done any better than that. Check:


Thanks for the shout out @russellcresser.

I opened up the watch face you pointed out, for inspection. Hopefully that helps others like @tom_p199.

Also there is a great thread here on the subject, where Studio Voxx (no longer active) came up with the original methodology for the animation on the seconds, I just took that and then figured out how to add the shadows for the flipping action and extended it to the minutes and hours. You can find the thread here:

Here’s a few more I did if interested:

@lramos333’s animation is exellent too, and I wonder if it is based upon the same principle? Yeah, it’s a bit of effort, but fun to figure out.

I’d like to see what others come up with!


Sweet! Thanks for linking that page. I just book marked it so I can try and learn how to do it.

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