Not-So-Premium Account

I just paid for a Premium account, but the app doesn’t seem to acknowledge that.

In fact, I sometimes see a message saying, “Oops! We could not activate your Premium account.”

You sure could charge my credit card right away though, couldn’t you?

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Hello and welcome!
Make sure you reboot watch and phone so all components of your account can sync.
If you are still having an account problem after that please email Facer Support at: so they can work with you to resolve your issue.


I did, indeed, reboot my phone shortly after experiencing this problem, in the hopes that it might solve it. It didn’t.

However, I went to bed and tried again this morning, thinking some time for the Facer servers to fully process things would help. I started with your suggestion and rebooted both the phone and watch, then started up Facer. I finally got the “Premium Activated” toast and was able to start adding watch faces to my watch.

I apologize for my snarky attitude in the original post. I should not have let my emotions take over. Thank you, @Linlay, for helping me to get it working!


You’re welcome. Your attitude was because you were frustrated. That is understandable. The comment posted by the first member who replied to you calls for an apology, however - regardless of whether it was deleted or not.


apology for what?? I am also frustrated as 9 of my faces were deleted that were clearly not copyright at all, and facer has not responded to any of my many emails requesting information on how to get them back in 2 months

Perhaps you intentionally made a change that was not approved by some brand or artist holding a copyright. It could be name or some small element.

plus im not the only one. there was a complaint in the forum of having their garfield face deleted while there are ones that are on here for sale. many other examples of double standards for partners and people that pay for premium compared to standard users.

wow, now your deleted my post, sad , and pathetic why cant I voice my opinion after being blamed for doing something i didnt do and have proof of it , no one likes being made a fool of, so maybe you shouldnt take sides if your biased.

While I can see where you’re coming from, I don’t feel that your criticism is warranted. I did not delete your post. As far as I know, it is an automated process based on a number of reports.

In your email to Facer, as long as you include the documentation from the owner of any copyrights or trademarks in question, giving you permission to use the element(s) that should be enough to support your case.

As to Garfield and other popular brands, the argument that two wrongs make a right does not hold up in a court of law in the US. Little Labs (Facer) is a US company.


well that still means that facer is allowing a partner to sell a face that breaks copyright so they are breaking the law and then deleting people that dont pay a premium price to do so…and who the hell is offended by what I said, and maybe they should mind there own business and stop interfering in a conversation that they dont even want to participate in like a bunch of trolls.

There is no way for you to surmise what anything means unless you have talked with both the designer and copyright holder. Designers purchase licenses. In my case when I used copyrighted images a few years ago I asked the brand for permission first and saved the correspondence in case there was any question.
This discussion has moved off topic. You’ve made your point.


Yup. Got charged on my card, Premium doesn’t work. Occasionally get the message, “Oops! We could not activate Premium” or something along those lines. So the app acknowledges it won’t work. I deleted the app, redownloaded, signed in and out, redownloaded on my watch, rebooted the watch and my phone, etc. Still doesn’t work. Just sent a message requesting my money back, if I don’t hear anything I’ll just talk to my credit card company and dispute the charge. Only $20, but if I’m getting literally nothing out of it, I want my money back lol.

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Hello and Welcome intro73,
When you reported your issue to Facer you should have received an automated reply with a ticket number. Send them another note and include your first ticket # just in case your first email was lost. Make sure your phone and watch have given Facer all permissions. It sounds as if some setting is blocking your Premium status.

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Does anybody no how to get my premium account back keeps saying error I’ve rebooted app on watch and phone still not letting me put premium faces on my watch 9

Have you sent Facer Support a message concerning this? Please use the official support form: