Not updating on watch

When I update a watch face on creator and send it to my gear S3 it doesn’t show the updated version. Help !

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I’m also having that happen on my wife’s LG Style.

Me too

Is @Facer_Official still patrolling these waters?

Hi all!

Yes, we’re definitely around :slight_smile: We’ve noticed this bug happening and are looking for a fix. This is due by the app caching versions of the face to speed things up, and not picking up the very latest version if one is available in certain cases. Hoping we’ll be able to resolve that very soon.

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So would clearing the apps cache resolve the problem until you sort the fix ?

Yes, it should.

Thanks good luck with the fix, loving your work

Clearing the cash worked once then never again ! There is so much going wrong with the app at the moment, even if I change the face prior to publishing it defaults to the first save rather than all the changes I’ve made. Also a Font I’ve used before is only partly showing up on my watch. The app I’m using is the Beta tester version, would that be the problem ? and how do I opt out of the Beta version ?

If you uninstall and reinstall, it should opt you out. From Facer:
You can leave the testing program at any time. You can switch to the public version of the app if that’s available.

To switch to the public version:

Uninstall the testing version.
Install the public version on Google Play.
Note: It can take up to a few hours before you can download the app’s public version.

@Facer_Official I can still only see old versions on my watch (even after clearing cache). It looks fine in the preview, but won’t sync the right version to my phone (only old ones). My last 4 or 5 designs all sync as half finished drafts on my actual watch. No luck uninstalling and reinstalling either…