Not working on Galaxy 4 watch

Unfortunately, the battery on my Samsung Gear S3 wasn’t holding a charge, & I couldn’t find a service center that would replace it, so I bit the bullet and bought the Samsung Galaxy 4 watch. I must say I’m disappointed due to the loss of some nice apps on the Gear S3 with no suitable replacements on the Galaxy 4 and a paucity of apps except for fitness apps… but that’s not the problem. I’m just ranting to friends.
The Facer watch faces look quite nice on the Galaxy 4.
So I made a version 2 of a watch face

and it works just fine in creator, but on my Galaxy 4, the month dial rotation is wrong. It has me in April rather than July. Am I missing something?

Never mind. I noticed that the month wheel was at the top of the watch. There was some spurious code in it’s Y coordinate. Not sure why the problem wasn’t evident when I tested it in Creator, but I fixed it.
I haven’t changed my mind about my rant about the Galaxy 4 watch, however.

A LOT of my faces worked fine on my GW1 and in Creator, but once I got a GW4, they broke down. All of the issues turned out to be conditionals that were not quite exactly formatted properly-- Creator and GW1 are much more forgiving with those than GW4 is.