Note 20 ultra wont pair with Galaxy watch 5


My watch was working fine 2 days ago and now my facer app on phone and on my watch are not connected. I can’t push watch facer through or anything.

I am logged in on my phone but as a guest on my watch. I don’t understand how that happened. Also, my facer app on phone acknowledges my phone.

Help please

First thing to do is to turn off both the watch and the phone then turn them both back on again. That should resync everything. If not try reinstalling the companion app on your watch using the settings menu in the phone app, make sure your correct watch is selected and then click on “Facer Companion App” in the settings to install the watch app. IF by come chance all that fails then contact Facer Support at: . Make sure you give them a detailed explanation of what you have and have done.