Nothing works on my newly designed face

Hi everyone,
I created a face, but essentially nothing works on it.
I have a Galaxy Watch 46 mm. The face can be found here: UvFace - Digital green basics - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer and I’ve enabled inspection mode.
The time remains stuck, not even the seconds work. The steps are not showing.
Faces from other creators work just fine on my watch, but I would really like to wear my own. Except nothing on it ever moves. Can someone please enlighten me on how to kickstart things on my face?

Thank you so much.

Turn on inspection mode so you can watch.

inspection mode is on

Among the icons on the left, a small rocket should appear.

Try to do an update

To turn on inspection mode you have to click the three dots next to your face in Facer Creator. Then click “Enable Inspection” for us to be able to look and see how you have made your new face.

In the edit mode, click on the digital time on the left and see that you have the Text field (tags) in the inspector panel on the right.

Solved. I had no tags (yes, I’m actually a retard).
Thank you everyone