Number Wheel 2.0

I finally got tired of waiting for the glow bug to be fixed, so I retooled my Number Wheel face (my most popular so far!) to no longer be impacted by the bug. Now you can experience this face as it was meant to be experienced.

As an added bonus, I was able to reduce the number of elements in the face, so it now works better without any loss of functionality.

So if you haven’t tried this face yet, try it now! If you like the original version, you will love this update!

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I thought the bug was fixed a few updates ago?

The funky looking glow bug is unfortunately still open today on Wear OS watches :frowning: we’re trying to squeeze some engineering time to fix it but it’s sadly a fairly complex issue on the new rendering engine. We’ll get it solved though, don’t worry my friends!

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Great Watch face! Very unique!

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