Numbered Dial Request

I don’t have any editing software on this computer and in need of some numbered dials. Such as 1-12 dial, 0-60 dial. Attempting to create a rotating dial style of watch face. Any help in this area would really be appreciated. Thank you!

There’s always PowerPoint. Works fairly good for basic items and even some 3D stuff.

That’s true. Haven’t figured out how to make a .png file with no background in PowerPoint though.

select the items on the slide then right click “save as picture”.

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Thank you!

Haha PowerPoint strikes again. It’s the premium’s secret/not so secret weapon.


I know right!

Talk about a whole new world of options to make parts for watch faces. Haha

The fact that you guys use Powerpoint to create elements of your watch faces BOGGLES our minds! :slight_smile: What makes it such a good tool compared to Photoshop or Illustrator? Or is it a mainly a cost driven decision?


Cost driven for me since already have it and know how to use it well.

Presets for 3D forms, easy use of texture overlays. I never would have thought to use it if it wasn’t for @Tomas suggesting it.


1- super easy to create objects (create, cut, unite, etc. incl.)
2- seconds to add shadows
3- seconds to add 3D
4- seconds to add textures
5- super easy and high speed png-save
6- great value for micro costs

example :wink: [TOMAJA Micro Video Tutorial] How to draw a gear in seconds using PowerPoint


I just started 3d modeling in a free program to get the most realistic lighting possible. Cost is a win but we’ll see if the time trade is worth it.


@Tomas said it all - I think it’s the combination of ease and price

…let us know about your new experiences later on :wink:

Will do!

So just thought I would give an update. So far my experience with the 3d modeling is a good one. I’ve learned so much in a very short period of time and I’m extremely happy with the face I have built. So much so that I’ve taken yet another step further and am now enrolled in a 3d modeling class! I can’t wait to show off my current project.


Show us results :wink:

I can’t yet, I’m saving it for something special. Maybe if you private message me.

Awesome! Keen to see the results.