Numbers of Metrics Not Updating


I just finished making a basic watchface for myself. On it I have included the time, date, battery, step counter, weather and heart rate.
I have found that the heart rate monitor and the weather temperature do not update/change over time. The step counter and time work just fine.
How can I make the face update/monitor those metrics?

Thank you in advance.

First check if you’ve given all permissions to Facer.


Also, do you have location (on watch) turned on?

Yes, turns out the psysical activity permission was disabled. Almost certain I didn’t disable it becase I’ve had those metrics update on other watchfaces from creators before. Thank you for the suggestion.

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And speaking about weather features, I’ve noticed (yesterday and today) that some watchfaces are not showing the correct temperature/forecast.
Interesting, some do.

It might be that Facer team is working on something or that the connection with weather service is moody at the moment.

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