Numbers showing double/misaligned


I have noticed in the last few weeks that on some of my watchfaces, they are showing the incorrect time as a shadow/double underneath the actual time.
These are on faces that do not have double-ups of the time. I think they are on faces which have a stroke around the time.

Hello! I looked at your work but I’m not seeing what you are talking about with any of your recent faces. Can you post a specific face?

You can see it on the comments of my face ‘Daisy’. I’m not sure if its only happening on recent designs; Daisy is pretty old and I know I’ve experienced the same thing on others (but I thought it was a one off glitch of my own watch doing it, until I got a review about it).

I think it may have been the outline effect since you said you removed it. I synced it on my watch, and all is fine.

So is this a known bug or should I let facer know? I have soooo many faces that I have designed with the outline effect.

It has been said before (some time ago now), that “effects” on texts do not work properly on some Watches, that is why a lot of us, myself included, never use “effects” on text anymore sadly :slightly_frowning_face:

The glow and stroke effects on text are always broken on any WearOS powered watch. And now with Samsung switching to WearOS the only watches that are able to use those effects would be old Samsung Tizen ones and MAYBE Apple and I would not hold my breath with Apple.

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It appears that you still have Stroke selected. Set it to “None”. Just setting it to “0” doesn’t fix it.