Numbers with leading zeros do not work with math

I’ve noticed that after the recent update, my formulas that calculate if the current time is between sunrise and sunset no longer work. After some experiments, I’ve determined that the problem is with the #WSUNSETM# tag. Here is what I get. When I type “#WSUNSETM#+1” I get “06+1” which is what I expect. When I type “(#WSUNSETM#+1)” I get “”, which is not what I expect. I do not have the same issue with #WSUNRISEM#.

This happens both online, on my phone, and on my watch.


After thinking about it, I don’t think this is a current update issue. I think it might be that today, the minute of sunset is 06, and math doesn’t work with leading zeros. What would be nice is if there is just a bool tag that says the current time is between sunrise and sunset.

I can also confirm this. I’ve had to change #WCCI#=02 to be #WCCI#=2 and etc.

This issue still has not been resolved.
If the tag #WSUNSETM# = 05, then the following formula
(#WSUNSETM#+1) will produce “”.

Does anybody has a workaround on this? Even “(#WSUNSETM#)” is “”… I can’t even use (abs(#WSUNSETM#)) to get the “real” value… :frowning:

We’re working on an additional tag that will return the number without the leading 0. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!