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Object/image on certain days?

Good Morning all,
do you happen to know if you can display an object/image on certain days?
Example: Object 1 is always only visible from 1.5. to 5.5., object 2 only from 7.7. until 15.8. and so forth…
Any help is welcome.
Thanks in advance…

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Yes, that can be done. The opacity for Obj.1 would be:


Obj.2 is more difficult to put that in one formula, because it is across 2 month. I cannot come up with a simple solution since it is not wise and may not work to use “&&” and “||” in one formula.

Maybe easier to create 2 objects for obj.2, one from 7.7 - 31.7. and the second one from 1.8. - 15.8.



Nice Objects BTW

I think the only sensible way to do it is count the days #DD#. Then you have leap years to deal with . If you are not concerned +/- a day then that is the answer. You will find in the Topics on Christmas Countdown that the Leap years have been covered. If you Need help with the Conditionals get back and Tom will sort it for you.

BTW Tom did you test that formula. Structure looks odd to me. I can not test it right now.
Oh well excuse me I am never sur about conditionals with multiple Booleans in them .

Your Idea of splitting the job up is good . It could be one layer and dismiss the image using the x and y coordinates .

Just tested this.


It is NOP it will not work

Well I say that . I can get true or false but not do any thing with it .



Yes, I tested it. Just not a good idea mixing boolean. Here, they are all the same, so worked for me.


Interesting Tom that we get true or false when it is all bandaged up. I am going to carry on a bit when I get on the Laptop. I know that true==1 so there might be something there.

I have tested


and it works.

Sometimes the Truth is False.

@tom.vannes @daredevill SO NOW IT WORKS . Check the test . Both Day Conditionals work with the Month and Day . I think the Advanced Conditional Woke Marvin up and he has Given us a Free Gift . Sadly this kind of thing is difficult to test on a watch . You will have to make a special test for a couple of days Hence . if it does not work on a Watch I would not be surprised . I will do a separate test so as not to add confusion . Otherwise we will have to go back and look at #DD# .

So here is another test for the end of the month obviously because we are testing crossing the Zero .

I will Publish it so let me know when you have synced it so I can take it down . I think most will just find it confusing and it is only set to work for a couple of days .

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OK. You got it. Works on my ticwatch.
Looks good to me, that’s the way the formula should look like.

I do have issues with larger expressions though, as with the rotation of a Zodiac dial. But that’s another story… in another forum somewhere…

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I like this one


((#DWFHS#+180-((((((#DNOW#/2551442844-0.228535)+0.00591997 * sin(#DNOW#/5023359217+3.1705094)+0.017672776 * sin(#DNOW#/378923968-1.5388144)-0.0038844429 * sin(#DNOW#/437435791+2.0017235)-0.00041488 * sin(#DNOW#/138539900-1.236334))%1) * 360)))))

Been up staged by the new Tags now .

So how can you check it on your tick watch ? We have to wait till the end of the month . You got a time machine ?

:man_mage: :rofl: :+1:

Ah! you figured out my secret. :sunglasses:
No, just sanity checked the formulas with different values, and it loaded correctly.

This one’s got a formula in it which seems OK on my new ticwatch, but it did not work on my old watch (Inspection open, see last few elements). So hesitant to publish any such astrology watch faces:


Been up staged by the new Tags now .

Indeed, I have not found a summary though, like release notes…
Anyway stumbled across “#DOFST#”. Used it for a timezone bezel.

New formula:

The old formula was:


As far as I know this is all that has been published .
I still don’t understand how you tested something on your watch that crosses zero without crossing Zero .

I see the last three Zodiac Layers are NOP . I see no numbers in the Debug Box . You will have to paste the code in again . Sadly some syntax works on some watches . For me if is a NOP on Creator I don’t even send it to the watch .

Proof that I have a time machine:

Just kidding … set watch to manual, change time and date, and wait a minute…


Well that is a lot of trouble to go to to prove a point . you should have kept us guessing . We would / will have to call you the Doctor after Dr Who . I had no Idea that you can change the time manually . So good test . You have not got the Big grey Dot on yours :::)))

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Oh, and thanks for link!

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I suspect I know how that is done. It involves turning off auto sync time with the phone service provider. :grin:


Eeeek . Sounds like Hocus Pocus to me .


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Actually, it’s more like Occam’s Razor. :grin:


See now I have to Google That . :::)))

Occam’s razor, Ockham’s razor, or Ocham’s razor, also known as the principle of parsimony or the law of parsimony, is the problem-solving principle that “entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity”.

Now I have to Google parsimony .


  1. extreme unwillingness to spend money or use resources.



See, the simplest explanation of an issue is most likely the correct conclusion of how it’s done or happened. Like Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”


When I was at Design School our Tutor told us . " If you get the Brief right the thing Designs Itself ".