Objects with DWE>2 flicker on wake although they are hidden

I have a strange thing happening on my Galaxy Watch 4. Although the object is hidden via #DWE#:


the object shortly flickers for a split second on wake, then hides and then shows at 2 seconds.
I have not had this one before - anyone knows what’s going on?

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It is a Default Bug . When the display sleeps it stores an image of the display as it shuts down and shows it on Wake . O Dear. This question has been raised so many times .

Hi Russel - thanks for the reply. But this would mean that you never really can ‘hide’ things on wake - they would always shortly flicker which defeats the purpose. Is there any workaround - say if I really wanted to hide the circle on wake in the example above?

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My phone camera has an unsaved image stored in the Cache when it shuts down . I do not know why they do these things .I uderstand Facer is not able to run the display like Samsung is on DIM . So there is a point . Do you use AOD . I do not but it might stop Facer Cashing the Display Image .

I checked and if I turn off AOD it is the same.

Strange thing is if I change to something lie:


then it really hides the object and the object does not flicker on wake.

This is really puzzling. I wiped the cache on the watch, re-installed Facer but still the same…

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Yeah I just did an AOD Test . Same result . It is obviously something more to do with the Wake Timer . But Hands jump to position on Wake . I think it is just a Bug we gave to live with .

Thanks for double-checking…

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Sound just like a description of marriage… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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