Off Grid Syntax

I had a communication with someone new to Facer but not to coding . I noticed on his Inspectable Publication that His Syntax for Opacity was wrong . So I posted him a comment on his Face saying so . When I went back to my Test it actually worked so I had to go back yet again to apologies . So it seemed like using that Syntax woke something in Creator .

I have since made a Draft that changes some dots at DWE 3 sec . All work on Creator and my Samsung Active . I hope that @Facer_Official can chip in with this . I could Email Little Labs but I think it is Worth Topic Status .

So all these work .
And or check the draft.




All 3 also work on my GW1 and GW4.

I had thought properly placed extra parenthesis were essentially transparent?

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Hi there, that was my face you commented on. I hadn’t even realised I’d accidentally used () instead of $$ until you pointed it out as it was working fine as I tested. It looks like brackets for conditionals also work ok in calculations like ((#DWE#>3?100:0)+10) instead of ($#DWE#>3?100:0$+10)

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Hi @ian1 . Welcome to The Facer Community . Good to see here . You will see a Stunning Library of resources when you conduct searches . Ask a direct question here and it will be Answered . There is always Direct Messaging if you want to go that way .
As I said the top line of the three I Highlighted is the Official Syntax from the current Documentation . Other constructs may work on Creator and Your own watch but not on some other watches . Tic Watches are a bit Fussy . Thanks to @kourosh for testing those lines .
I am completely confused now .
It took me TWO years to learn the basic conditional by Heart .
Now it seems you can type anything you like and it will work .
A little bit loser than C++ . Ha Ha .

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on this face i had to use () because it didn’t work with $.
especially with long lines of code there are problems with $ …

I find this delayed start of a function very helpful.


Yeah I have seen code like that before. I am still working on trying to understand that. I Came from Basic with line nunbers. I thought GOTO was a Mirical. You have to have () in a Text Tag or it will not show. Sadly I am doing this quickly on my Tablet be for I get ready to go to London. Thanks for your Input.

Show you code as an example to save us going into the draft. But Respect for leaving your Draft Inspectable. Amazing how much work goes into something that looks so simple.