Off to a good start?

Hey Everyone!

I’ve just published my first design (in light & dark variants)

What are your thoughts? Hit or miss?
I’d love any feedback you might have as I begin my watch face design journey.



Hey @dioramite . Well done and welcome to the Facer Community. Big Numbers, Colour and Nomonaly Dark is is a good starting point.


Great look. Love the font and colour flow. Very candy machine. There is space to make the battery bar bigger in future versions and maybe colour it as it runs low. You have the blue/green, yellow, off red colours there.

Fantastic design start. Also loving the DIM screen but would keep the battery icon for that too.

I’m knocking nothing, this is great. Just sharing a few things I have learned in my month or so here.


Hey Russel! Thank you for the kind words and singling out what you liked, much appreciated!

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Thanks for the kind words Rob! Those are some really good pointers, I’m especially fond of the battery size, colour and dimming changes!

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Welcome to the Community @dioramite :wave:
Very stylish and funky design, well done, it all blends together with just the right colour schemes and sizing, for your first design this is very good :clap:


Thank you! I appreciate your kind words