Oh Dear I thought this Community was about Facer Watch Faces

Does Facer really allow their designers to promote hate groups?? The group this designer is promoting, Moms for Liberty (ha!), is tied into white supremecist groups & promotes book banning, and they have been designated a hate group by the SPLC. This does not reflect well on Facer if they allow this. What’s next? Heil Hitler faces?

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Ha Ha . If you consider it offensive Fag it and say Why .
I am a little surprised as Linlay is a Respected Partner and Contributor .
Sadly I have seen a lot of stuff on Facer that is a bit worrying . A lot of Satan Worship stuff .Oh well.
I noticed that our Friend Marvin the Bot recognises a Naked Breast , to take down but not a Vagina .

Or you can flag it. LOL From what I see they are a group advocating for schools to NOT teach racism or LGBTQ. Which they should not be teaching. Leave it to the parents to inform their kids of that and just teach what kids need to know about school subjects. To many people are eager to cry racism when somebody else has different beliefs. Get over yourself.

I found out how to flag it. I had been trying to flag it thru the app, and there was no option. You have to do it thru the web version of Facer.

Good to know you support a group that quotes Hitler in their newsletter. Should I suggest she design a face that says 88hh? Because that is something the Moms for Liberty embrace, which is white suprmecy code for Heil Hitler. Hey, how about a face with a swastika.

So this is something you’ve actually seen or just what you heard on cnn? I don’t condone any hate groups, including BLM or any of the others. I also don’t condone any group that tries to teach their ideology in public schools.

Lol that you think CNN is anything other than Fox News 2.0 since Malone took it over last year and was quite vocal about the fact that he wants to fashion it after his friend, Murdoch’s, Fox News. Now it’s reviled by both the left & the right.

No, I’m just aware of the group. They’re active in the debacle that’s occurring down in Floriduh. They held a “summit” in Philly over the weekend in which they spread their hateful rhetoric. One of the speakers at the summit said that the group should not have removed their Hitler quote from their recent newsletter.

In our April election, some of the clowns from that hate group were running for some local school board elections. Despite not having any children in our school district, I voted for the 1st time in the school board elections & the Moms for Liberty freaks were soundly rejected.

I refuse to allow fascism to take hold in this country, which is why I follow these types of authoritarian groups.

And people wonder how Hitler was allowed to rise to power in 1930s Germany. We know, because the same type of threat is rising here in the US & you’re either for it, or against it. I’m soundly in the “against it” camp. We now know where you stand.

As teacher in the public schools and a parent I can say that there is a lot of misinformation in that article. I don’t believe any website that includes a “Hate Watch” and a “Hate Map” can be relied on for accurate informatiom.

You may not like some of the designs at Facer. Most of us try to be open-minded when it comes to requests. Debate can be good, however the strong language in your watch face comments had to be removed. If you find a design that you don’t like, just ignore it. A review is not required. Now let’s see if everyone can get along.

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No. I’m not going to scroll on by & ignore it. I’m standing on the correct side of history & calling out racist, transphobic & homophobic bigotry when I see it. You can stand on the wrong side of history with the fascists & authoritarians, but don’t expect people to not criticize you for your choice. As a public school teacher (I have 6 in my immediate family, all of whom are appalled by what this group stands for), you should know that the “parental rights” that this group represents is harmful to students. Their decision to ban children for reading certain books or learning certain curricula is fine for their child/ren. They have no right to censor or control what other children read or learn.

So an article written by Southern Poverty Law is proof that organization is racist and homophobic. HA! If I’ve learned one thing in the last 5 years it’s the ones crying racism and fascism are the least tolerant of others ideas or beliefs, and they ALWAYS want the other people silenced. This is a free country and parents have the right to their kids not being indoctrinated by other peoples’ beliefs. The schools should be teaching subjects to get kids to be able to succeed in life. This does not include sexual preferences or racism, it does include actual history which some people seem to want erased. There have been a lot of things done wrong in the last 100 years for sure but teaching them about gay sex is not something that should be taught in schools. I see where you automatically decided that people in Florida must be dumb because that group is based there, again the so called tolerant left spewing disparaging remarks. You just proved the point so many people have been saying all along. Good job.

“This is a free country and parents have the right to their kids not being indoctrinated by other peoples’ beliefs.”

Lol. Moms for Liberty’s sole purpose is to indoctrinate entire student populations into their christofascist belief system under the guise of" parental rights". They’ve turned Floriduh into the laughing stock of the country. They’re desperate for qualified teachers down there.

“It’s not just Proud Boys that Moms for Liberty has allegedly gotten involved with, however. A VICE News investigation has uncovered links between numerous Moms for Liberty chapters and extremist groups like the Proud Boys, Three Percenters, sovereign citizen groups, QAnon conspiracist, Christian nationalists, and in one case, with the founder of the AK-47-worshiping Rod of Iron Ministries church in Pennsylvania. Around the country, Moms for Liberty has formed links with extremist groups and militias, which are joining forces with the “parental rights” group at protests and school board meetings, and in turn pushing the already far-right organization toward even more extreme ideology.”

You mean Florida with one of the best economies in the nation, lowest taxes, and has hundreds of thousands of people from the north east moving there? Let’s face it nobody from Florida is moving up to the liberal run shit holes in the north east, which is where I’m sure you’re from. And since you seem to be the one spewing all the hate speech you should be the one banned.

My take on this is that nothing is black and white and talking about this group, its pros and cons of which there are likely both is really a sensitive highly political subject that I truely wish would NOT be a part of Facer.
Opinions and emotions will surely be sparked as shown here in this example and harsh words will be spoken. Do we want to be having these debates on Facer?
Unfortunately it’s probably impossible to stop political watches from being submitted, but my feeling is that it’s best to avoid them. We as designers do not have to take every request.
As for myself, I will stick to watches that are just that, watches meant to tell time and provide weather, health, and other data, and of course holidays.


@kjscarp you have been clear about your feelings and where you have obtained your information.

Here is a link to the official website for Mom’s for Liberty: https://www.momsforliberty.org/about/
Rather than complaining at Facer, I suggest that you let the group know where you stand. They can answer your questions and provide you with the list of so-called “banned books” for your perusal. Page numbers showing nudity and adult topics of concern are included. The term “banned” is a bit of an exaggeration, however, because the books are freely available in book stores and public libraries. I’m sure after you review them you will understand why they do not belong in K-12 classrooms.

As far as my work, I have taken requests from law enforcement families, teachers, nurses, military families, and others.
The designs are always free and have been appreciated. Please don’t try to turn patriotism into something ugly. As mothers we tell our children, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

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“As far as my work, I have taken requests from law enforcement families, teachers, nurses, military families, and others.
The designs are always free and have been appreciated. Please don’t try to turn patriotism into something ugly.”

The Klanned Karenhood/Minivan Taliban you’re defending are NOT patriots - it’s Christofascism, with the intent of spreading a Christian nationalism that isn’t wanted, which is why we are fighting against the movement & why it’s so abhorrent that you are creating faces that celebrate a group that marginalizes others. That group, and others like it, have taken the term “patriotism” and turned it into an ugly thing. When I hear the word now, it makes my eyes roll because it’s certainly not the patriotism that my uncles fought against in WWII (to think they sacrificed fighting against the same movement embraced by the M4L, which they are trying to take mainstream). It’s been co-opted by a segment of the population that’s twisted the meaning of the word & made it ugly, so that it no longer represents what it did.

None of those other groups you mention have spent time marginalizing others, and the fact that you can’t tell the difference between the M4L hateriots and true patriots tells me all I need to know.

If parents don’t want their children to read a certain book about LGBTQ or black or brown people, then by all means those parents should make sure that their children don’t read it. The problem is that their actions make it so that NO children can read it, which is the exact opposite of parental freedom - their position is that parental freedom is what THEY claim it to be & everyone must think & act like them. Sounds suspiciously like 1930s Germany, no?

Of course the M4L are now twisting themselves into pretzels trying to change their public image after the public shellacking they’ve received since their Hitler newsletter quote was reported on & the disgusting event they held in Philly this past weekend. The job of the press is to expose their type of behavior. So spare me with the “it’s where you obtained your information” BS. I get it from the people whose job it is to expose prejudicial behavior & bigotry when it rears it’s ugly head.

I am not affiliated with the group in question, and remain neutral for the sake of those who request watch face designs. You have been asked to visit the group and share your concerns with them. Please do so.