Ok check this out

Hi Everyone i have been working on this one for a while think i got the code right now notice the battery indicator on the left is fully controlled by mechanical gears orbiting the central gear (different). I appreciate all the feed back i can get ok.


That is superb mate! How do you find the time to keep producing these lol.

lol i got another 3 on the go at the min

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Wow! What a seconds display!

Wow! How wonderfully intricate, colourful and fascinating. And yes, a very unique and clever second hand!

Really original, I like the movement of the second hands.

The second hand is interesting, and overall look, it quite novel.

I might gone with a double-ended handed, so that the next 30 seconds uses the other end.

I might tried to evoke a specific family/type of skeletan-watch …

But, each to their own …

Brilliant, creative