OK Guys, Here's Another Attempt At Light & Shadows

MAG 1456


Wow, you’ve certainly achieved it here Mr Antisocial Sir, great job, it definitely all works, layout, style, sizing, light and shadows, bravo :clap: :beers:
(Do you mind if I call you Mag from now on please)?

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Very nice and subtle color changes, plus the placement of all element is perfect!


You can call me anything except “late for supper”. :rofl: Really Mag is fine, but if you like, my real first name is Rusty. (Now you know why I use Mr. Antisocial Guy, it’s more memorable.)

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Ha ha, late for supper :joy:
I know you’re Rusty from notifications I get in my emails thanks, just Mr Antisocial Guy is a bit long to type out lol

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