Ok? sport for diabetic

Hi friends one of you write me to fix my face. now is ok for diabetic people?

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What type of diabetic are you? I am T1.5. What are you trying to make? Need to be a little more clear in what your needs are so people can help you out.

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One man tell me to make just little big the font… But don’t speaks about clear/ dark theme

Do you have a pic of what you are designing. Right now it is confusing as to what the focal point is. Even sketch out and copy it here. I need something to work with to guide you. do you have access to photoshop/illustrator? That is where you build your watch. If not: https://www.gimp.org/

Hey feonix_07, I saw your gimp link. I don’t know anything about it but do you have some experience with it? I use a VERY outdated version of Photoshop and I need to find a new way of making tick marks. I know Illustrator has an ability to duplicate and rotate every certain amount of degrees in a circle. I think the newer Photoshop may have that as well but I’m not sure. I can’t justify spending the money on Photoshop/Illustrator right now but gimp may be the answer if it has that function. Do you know if it does by chance?

I completely understand the cost of adobe cc. Gimp= free photoshop, I have used it in past and I enjoyed it. As for illustrator alt:

Those are some suggestions. I enjoy illustrator more fore the vector based aspect. Just remember that if you png, you want to export larger and than shrink size in Facer. Never go smaller to larger.

The Math I always use in illustrator is place an index at 12 and 6 for your hours, than rotate 30 degree COPY. Duplicate until you get all the way around to 1 and 7. You will have to rotate back to 0 for each duplicate. The area I find harder is an odd font. Than you have to do some realigning but a nudge is better than guessing the coordinates.

As for the minute index, again 12 and 6, rotate 6 degree Copy. Repeat until 1 and 31 are done.

I don’t honestly know if it has illustrator’s duplicate but if you remember those to angles, you can use any product. My yearly adobe fee is up and I think I will give Gimp a run. I do know a lot of people are very happy with GIMP.

Thank you so much for this. You upped my game by so much with just this post. I greatly appreciate it!

I try and help where I can, pass it forward. How are you liking the programs?

Was wondering how you’re doing with this watch. Was interested in it’s update.

Have you heard of these guys: https://www.roadid.com/

Love their bands, clean and very customizable. Passing on the diabetic love

That’s funny that you say that because “pay it forward” is exactly the words I thought about after receiving so much help on these forums. I am always super excited anytime I can actually help on here because of that. A lot of the time I don’t know the answer but I’m getting better and better each day so I can help a lot more. As far as the programs, I’ve only tried one, Gravit.io. It’s worked exactly for what I needed it for and I could see myself using it for a lot more when I have the time. I have a newborn at home so I’ve not been able to play with it mich. Either way, thank you again!

Congrats on the newborn, my only advice as a father or two, about 4 months old, teach the child baby sign language. Reduced a lot of tantrums, just basic words milk food mommy daddy their favorite blanket. My daughter was better at it than my son, her gestures were hers and my son’s were his. Since he is Asperger and didn’t talk right away, this helped when the tantrums flared. Sorry for the off topic, but we got help the dads out there. Enjoy your child, maybe future watch maker…

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I’m new to the forum but just wanted to chime in with some design resources and echo the sentiment that people have been really great here :slight_smile:

Build your own adobe suite via lifehacker with cheap and free software
Alternative to- cross platform & device alternatives to software
My design page- I’ve posted a lot of great design resources I’ve come across… the vector and illustrator sections will probably be most helpful

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Thank you for the added knowledge. We have to support our fellow designers. I never want to hurt any company but as the saying goes, “Artists starve for their love of art.” I respect the Adobe stuff, but not too many can afford. And I respect the word the freeware guys work have created for us. I try and give props to both sides. But the more we share with the world, the better we all will become.
You wanna know the crazy part. I am colorblind. I failed art class because of it. When I design, I have to ask my 7 year old daughter if the colors look right. Most of the time, I create and not sure what the watches will become.

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You’re welcome! :slight_smile: I completely agree :+1::+1:
Wow, that’s amazing! Have you heard about the glasses that will let you see in color? They’re a little expensive, but here’s a couple of links…

Can These Glasses Really Fix Color Blindness? We Put Them To The Test
How EnChroma’s Glasses Correct Color-Blindness
Can These Glasses Help the Colorblind? We Put EnChroma to the Test

I don’t think I want to fix my colorblindness. I realize that it allows me to see things from a completely different. And there are some colors people tell me I don’t have to see. And I have gotten used to life in this unique world. I appreciate the links.

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I agree, what do they say? Sharing is caring haha. Speaking of sharing, @feonix_07 if you didn’t share that info about vector graphic programs my LED concept never would have been possible for me. I had the idea bit not the means. That’s why I’m happy to let you take a crack at it. Thank you for making it possible

say this article and wanted to share with everyone: