Ok this was just a bit of weekend fun


That is definitely the bomb. Good job!

Well done! :clap:
This is one of the ideas on my to-do list (lets say great minds think alike and forget about fools. :wink:)
But the animation required is still a bit above my skill level, especially the chain.

Is the pedal speed related to battery level? (fast at 100% and slowing down). That was part of my idea.

Any chance of opening this face for inspection?

I really appreciate the execution of this idea! Well done! I also agree the speed relative to bat level would be a nice touch too!

Another crazy idea ! Like it.
Agree to have the legs a bit faster. I’m just afraid that the bike spokes won’t be visible then …

Ok guys point taken speed is now controlled by battery level see what ou think

We need inspection mode to be able to manipulate the time, which indirectly changes battery level, before we can see what we think… :wink:

HaHa ok as you keep trying inspection mode activated

Thanks :smiley:

Ah, I see you did the chain as a sequence, but it looks like the rest is animated with native Facer functionality.
Stealing a bit with my eyes to accelerate the future learning curve… :innocent:

Glad I had a quick look just before leaving the office for the day.
Inspection mode seems to be closed again now when I tried to have a proper look from my home PC.
Thanks anyway for the peek.