Old .face faces won't sync

I have used facer with my wear watch and now I am on tizen. I have all the faces saved and imported them and marked them as drafts and saved them but they won’t sync. I have double checked all the tags to make sure they are correct any help would be greatly appreciated

Three days and no responses, thanks support

@facerstaff can you help with this?

Hi @Sladeb!

Can you share one of the .face files you’re trying to sync? Also, can you let us know which version of Facer you use on your phone and watch, as well as the models of your devices? We’ll investigate ASAP.


I am using a galaxy s7 edge with facer and a galaxy s3 frontier I’m not sure how to share a face but they are in my favorites

Thanks! our QA team is going to investigate and we’ll keep you posted.

Any resolution to this ?

Hi @Sladeb - the issue is confirmed on our side and we’re looking into a fix. It should be rolled out in a future update. Stay tuned!

any idea of a time frame? this is unfortunate

Good news! We just got the fix confirmed. The update should roll out to beta later this week, and to all users on Monday. Cheers!

Awesome new thanks for the quick response!!!

FYI, Facer 3.0.4 is now released in beta on Google Play and should address this. Thanks!

When is it available for download in the play store only 3.0.3 is in there now

Became a beta tester for 3.0.4 still errors on sync

Hi… I too have downloaded Facer 3.0.4 BETA to be able to use old .face watchfaces and when it finishes syncying I get an error sayng “Error loading watchface! Please try again”. This happens with all of my .face collection of faces I have… I own a Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 and a Galaxy s7 phone…



I think one issue is that the app doesn’t load .face files they have to be zipped before the app will load them

I can read .face watchfaces with no problem and see them in the app. The error is presented when syncing to the watch itself…

This is still not corrected

Hey all, our tests seem to indicate that it is fixed for most watch faces, but some specific ones (with an old Facer format) are still broken. Can you share the specific faces you have issues with here? Thanks!

Thanks… on my Gear S3, quite a few of the watchfaces or most of them, using .face files sync but get an error before showing up…

For example, CarreraSpaceXBlack.face, as an example… the problem is I cannot share them with you…