Old school New school?


What do you think about this free one? :slight_smile:


Thats nice!

I’m old so some of that text might be a little small lol, you can probably keep the font size the same and try making some of it all CAPS to make it more legible? Like the month and the weather conditions, am/pm etc.

Very nice - I really like the layout. :+1:

As @Rator said though, some of the text maybe a little small to read.

I’d also suggest splitting the hour into two fields instead of using one.

Tens Position: Right justified, only visible if hour is between 10 and 12.
Ones Position: Left justified, always visible.

You may need to make a masking image that matches the background and place it so that it covers things when the Ones position goes over 9.

LAYER 1: Tens
LAYER 3: Ones

It will help the watch look more natural. LCD displays wouldn’t move like that if that makes sense.

There may be an even easier way to do this. Check into this thread:

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Thank you for all feedback!
I didn’t know that you can make the text CAPS. Have to look how to do that.
And I totally agree with you cth4242 but that needs som coding skills that I don’t have. :grimacing:

Best Regards

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