Old Watch Face showing up in App preview


I’m new and have created a few faces in the last few days that are working great, but I ran into a problem when telling a friend to look up my design.

One of my designs ( Found Here ) was made by making a copy of a different design I had done and re-utilizing some of the programming I had (which ended up not working out on either face, but that’s another story) and now when you look up the current watch face the preview of it is the original design that has nothing to do with current face. This seems to be only happening in the app, and the initial screenshot in the search gallery is correct, but then when you click it the preview is wrong. I’ve tried updating the design a few times with no change.

Any help on how I can resolve this would be much appreciated!

This happens when you copy a design. It’s a bug that fixes itself once you publish the copied face. I run into this problem a lot actually and it can be frustrating. Soon as you publish it will sort itself out though. You can still test on your watch via the creator though.

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