OMG08 on Apple Watch - Change KM to MILES

Hi Folks

Im using the OMG08 face on my apple watch and just wanted to know how to change the KM to Miles on the watch face, just cant seem to workout how to change it, any help would be much appreciated.



If the designer made distance in km only - you cannot change it.

Ahh ok, the description said miles or KM so i just assumed you could, i think he needs to change the description lololol

I don’t have Apple watch so I cannot be sure how it works.

For Samsung watch designer can set it to auto-change km/mi, depending on your phone settings.
I guess it should work on Apple watch as well.

Ah ok, i checked my iphone settings and they are all set to miles and not KM, so i think you were right in that the designer has hardcoded to KM, so i dont think i can change it :frowning:

Send a message/comment to the designer. He’ll know for sure.


Do you have location turned ON on the watch? Did you give all permissions to facer app on the watch?
Again, I’m not sure how it works on apple.

Showing different measurements on Apple watches using Facer is very difficult. There seems to be a lot of complaints about that. I think it is because there are so many places in the Apple watch settings that all have to agree before Facer will switch. Go through your settings and check everyone of them to make sure you have them all in agreement in the area of metric or imperial.


I don’t know about OMG’s faces but we check the value of #UNITSYS# and display in miles if Imperial and kms if metric. This seems to work most of the time on the Apple Watch. However, some users have said that they cannot get to choose by changing most permissions/settings on the watch. So far I think we have only received those comments from people from Canada for some reason. One person said they could get it to work by changing their location manually to the US.

If no matter what you do you cannot get the units to change then the best thing to do is to raise a support request with the Facer team.

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