One Hour Series # 2 published

I thought I’d give another go at a “one hour watch” last night. To be fair, I did give the sliced dial idea some preliminary thought while on a bike ride earlier in the evening, so I while I started with a blank canvas it wasn’t entirely without a bit of an advance vision.

So to refresh… The One Hour Series is just an idea I had to try to sit down with an empty file in Photoshop and design a face and create all the graphics in under 1 hour. The experiment is to see what happens creatively without the opportunity afforded by time to revise and second guess, so the initial creative impulse is mostly what remains.

In retrospect on this one I can see a pretty nice way I could have worked in the date, but my hour was up so here is # 2 in the series.


nailed it

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Very nice! I particularly like the “metal” hands and markers

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An interesting idea with one hour and a good result :slightly_smiling_face:

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