One Piece Christmas face

Hey so i was wondering who we contact to do Christmas faces and well i was wondering having a tony chopper Christmas face would be awesome


Hi @king_of_juggalos_420 Welcome . I do not know this Character . It is not an International Brand . If you do a Google image search you might find out who owns the Intellectual Property or Copyright . Personally I wold duplicate my work and just Publish the Duplication . If it gets taken Down you still have a copy . If you are dead serious about becoming a Facer Creator Partner do not get too many take downs . They don’t like that . The few times I have contacted the property owners they were well pleased for the exposure . As long as your work is not Insulting to the brand . Obviously if you want to sell them It is a completely different thing . You will Be Creating Fan Art . Looking forward to seeing what you do with that .

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So cuuuuuuute

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