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One second toggle on delay

Hey All,

I am working on a two image VAR Togggle for two like images. I would like the second image to toggle on 1 second after the first image. I have them toggling on for 3 seconds which is perfect. Just can’t figure out the delay for the second image.

My formula is both images on the same VAR channel (3):

image 1, $(#DNOW#-#VAR_3_T#)<3000?100:0$
image2, $(#DNOW#-#VAR_3_T#)<3000?100:0$

It seems I should be able to tweak the second image formula a bit to get a 1 second delay?
Any Help Would Be Great.

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You could move the 2nd image off the face and move it into the face 1 sec later.
So for example the second image would have X position set to:



Perfect. Thanks.

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I thought of joining in earlier but I can not test VAR as I am a No Pro .
As far as I am able to see #DNOW# is a 13 digit number updated in milliseconds . I have not done the maths but it was >1000 several years ago . But as I said I can not test it .

The #DSYNC# should work for you Pros but I have Know what you would do with it .

#DNOW#-#DSYNC# should equal #DWE#