Online Creator vs downloaded program

I’ve not long since got myself a smart watch but was interested in creating watch faces straight away (Thanks for all that have synced my faces), my question is…is there any differences between the online creator and the downloaded program? I have currently only used online creator due to using my tablet to create my faces, but if there are more features on the downloaded program I might dig out the laptop and have a proper play.

Wait there is a program you can download? Where? I cant find it anywhere in the facer webpage?

It’s on the main page, scroll down to Facer Creator Online… underneath is a space to download the Windows App (beta)

As for the original question, I think they’re the same, although I’ve found in some rare cases the editor can result in something different than the watch but usually it’s math related stuff.


It may be watch specific, I’ve seen some people not getting the heartrate function to work or the countdown to days. Then again they may have been temporary hiccups.

I haven’t seen any feature differences, and I think they pull from the same online resources it’s just one is accessed via an app and one is through the webpage. Don’t quote me on that though.

From what I’ve read about online/downloaded app is that online you can open another tab and edit multiple faces at a time and the app can’t. Aside from that their the same, as far as bugs I don’t know.

Thanks for the reply’s. Still New to all this. Done a few faces, got my first 1k sync the other day. Still don’t know how to do more than basic stuff. Need to get laptop out as it’ll be easier to resize things eta.

Hey congrats! Being new doesn’t mean you can’t make good stuff. 1k sync already is awesome! A lot of people like simple or minimal style faces. Keep up the good work.