Online designer/preview destroys my watch face

My watch face gets mangled by the online creator but looks ok on the watch.
Any idea why?

and how it looks on the watch

Aaaany way. It looks good on the watch so I dont care that much, but if anyone finds it on the app they may thing the face is broken.

It looks like your watch isn’t displaying transparency properly.

What kind of watch is it?

Spoke too soon… I think it’s because “” are reserved in the editor for code/tags.

When it gets sent to the watch, it doesn’t worry about it since it’s not editing and sees it as “” and not the beginning of a tag.

Makes sense. I was hoping for a sort of escape character that would allow me to show the brackets on the preview rather than looking all broken.

Yep. special symbols don’t always render correctly. If it really bothers you, one option is to do the text in another program then convert it to an image. i.e. throw it in paint, then import to face.