Opacity level wont change in smaller watch

Hello I have created a watch-face that I love ! It is called Simple day, has some nice progress bars and basic info. In addition to this it has the days of the week in a line and the correct one would have opacity %100 compared to the rest that would be in opacity 20%. My question is why it would the opacity work perfect in my samsung active 2 (42mm) but not in a samsung active 2 (40mm). The days of the week work perfect in the big one and the correct one is brighter with 100% opacity level, but in the small one (40 mm) I can see the days of the week but the correct one wont stand out and they all stay with a 20% opacity level.

If it works in one Samsung Active 2 but not the smaller one I would say that the Facer app on the watch may be having an issue. I would remove it and reinstall the app and restart the watch and see what happens.

I thought the same @mrantisocialguy but unfortunately I tried that one more time and in the 40mm it still soesnt work! Having one next to each other in the 44mm works not in the 40mm ! Thats is why I made this post ! Maybe the design has to be different ? Or something else ?

You might want to run that by @Facer_Official and see if they have any explanation for you. If they don’t find it here you can contact Facer Help Request at: Submit a request – How can we help? or email them at: facer-support@little-labs.com