Operational of the facer platform

Question, how often, and if can be it be made more often, does the facer platform pulls data from the different resources such weather, cellph battery, heart rate, etc? I’m asking cause I’ve seen that in my Samsung gear s2 (I know is an older model) it takes time to refresh the information, even location… thank you!

There is also probably room for further refinement to your query.

In simplistic terms:

  • If you add Smartphone battery (status) or Weather (current, forecast) to a watchface, this triggers the design to include always-on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth - to allow that data to be always available on the watch. This greatly adds to battery drain.

  • But, these settings can be changed, disabled or tuned - to allow for better battery life. However, those feature may then not work as expected.

  • Conversely, Samsung (on the Gear S2 Classic or Gear Sport, both of which I am familiar with) can already ‘disable’ the Bluetooth (or Wi-Fi) but still get the weather data (current temp. / forecast) to the watch. It does this by quietly enabling the connection, sending an update, and then disabling the connection.

  • We need to be able to take advantage of this data. If the Smartphone can provide today’s forecast, the approx. long./lat., likely smartphone battery life, and other details with little (or no) overhead, we should be able to use this within Facer.

Note: You don’t make clear if you are asking about connectivity to the Smartphone with always-on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, or in a more limited sense. So, you may be asking for something quite different to what I am describing …

My question comes from as consequence of seeing too long update of info on the watch, for example, I have location info on some of my watch faces and it didn’t refresh the information for over an hour, I traveled from 2 different cities and it could have at least updated the location… I’m thinking that what the facer platform does is that every certain amount of time it pulls the info from a source, the location as example, would be pulled from gps or even the location of the phone… so that being said, how often it refresh and if can be made more or less often, I would prefer somehow often cause it would give me the appropriate information vs an old info… i have my Bluetooth connection all times as well as gps…

And yes, I’m asking about refresh of information when is full connectivity with the smartphone…

To my knowledge, the weather API only updates once an hour. They did implement the new interactive app launches recently. Tapping would bring you to your installed weather app, but that takes a tap.

What do I need to install? Or what do I need to do?

Your watch should have its own pre-installed weather app. Exact version varies between Android and Tizen. Facer’s app pulls weather data from the OpenWeather API.

I’ll check it out, thank you :slight_smile: