Oppo watch support

Hlo sir
I just want to know that when you will update your application to support the oppo watch 46mm full screen watch faces
Plz conferm

Hi, unfortunately I have no answers to share but I received a post from a user reporting the same problem. What I notice is that in the list of smartwatches that can be simulated there is only a generic OPPO without distinction on the size of the dial. Therefore it seems to be a compatibility problem between Facer and how Oppo handles it on the 46mm dial. I hope this post will be read by the Facer developers and that the problem will be resolved soon.

I can understand why Facer has not supported the Oppo 46mm dial. To support it would mean either stretching watch faces to fill the screen (which would make them distorted on the Oppo) or allow designers to make taller faces which would be cut off from all the round and square watch faces which would mean that some parts of the face would be invisible to most Facer users. I get complaints from some square watch users who say that I need to move things out to the edge so it doesn’t look like viewing a round face on a square watch. You just can’t please everyone.