Orbitting Object Starting Position

I’ve made some adjustments to the orbit formula to have an object orbit around the edge of the watchface over the span of an hour. Making the object take the place of an hour hand. My issue is that the starting position of the object at 12:00AM is at 3:00. What adjustment can I make to my formula to have it follow the same route it currently is taking, but start at the 12 o’clock position at 12:00AM in the simulation?

X-Axis = (160 + cos(#DWFKS#/60)*140)
Y-Axis = (160 + sin(#DWFKS#/60)*140)

Hi @robrhapsody90

You need to subtract 90 degrees from the hour rotation. I would also use the rad function to convert to radians instead of divide by 60:
X-Axis = (160 + cos(rad(#DWFKS#-90))*140)
Y-Axis = (160 + sin(rad(#DWFKS#-90))*140)

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