Original design? Feedback needed!

Hey Guys!! I just uploaded a new face with a Original way of showing the time and I am in need of some feedback! The face is called weather clock and it pretty much tells the time by having the current weather icon move from left to right and then at night turns into a moon, I had to make a custom numbers and had to photo shop each of the weather icons to ensure the rotation worked. Please let me know what you think!


What a fun concept! I like that. Is this intended to be a watch face for children or one with a children’s theme? I ask because of the Kristen ITC on the time and date. Just my opinion, but if for children, I think the info on the clouds (and the clouds) needs to be larger. If for adults, see how it looks after adjusting the the font on the clouds for size and color and changing the font to something that is still casual, but more adult and readable at a glance.

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Oh yes, I think the audience on facer consist more of adults then children so I will try my best to make it for adults. Thanks for the feedback!!!


It is right, It may be better to change some fonts and make it cool for the adults, I will wear it .