Original Design *Updated* Feedback Needed

So I made a new design using the weather clock, and this is how it turned out, for the people that didn’t see the op, the weather clock is where i use the weather icons as a display of the time so when it is 12:00 the sun (or overcast/rain etc) is shown at the top of the clock and when it is 6:00 it is shown on the side, after 6pm the icon turns into a moon.Thanks for all the feedback for the last face.Please let me know what you think of this one!

From a personal perspective, I think it lacks creativity. Of course, I do think this watch is for the “give me as much info as possible” people, but, I do think there could be more effort towards making the watch face more aesthetically pleasing. Also, some text seems to cut into the borders, I would find a font that is more condensed, so that you could use that space more efficiently.

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Thanks for the feedback! I’m currently working on the creative part. :slight_smile:

Agreed with the WilliamS post above. Add a thermometer icon to the temp and clouds or sun in place of weather text.

Also, consider a different style of font that might scale better.

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