Original XBOX WatchFace

What does everybody think about my 1st Watchface???:upside_down_face::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::dark_sunglasses:

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Good start, and nice color variation, although if that’s a registered logo owned by Microsoft, it might not be such a good idea to use that.

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@Linlay I did change the colour of the Xbox logo a bit, don’t know if that makes the copyright magically disappear…:sweat_smile:

I don’t think so.
Everything you need to know:

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@Linlay Thanks for the Info, if I get trouble with the watchface I’ll be sure to take it down

@Linlay also thanks for the commentary, and the tips, it’s very much appreciated, I do have a question though, being new to the world of facer and all, I love being creative as I usually build stuff from brick slinging catapults, to painting, and to repairing and modifying (somewhat older) game consoles, so the question is: is facer a good way to express yourself creatively? And what are the first steps in getting involved in the Community around it?

Yes, you can be as creative as you want to be within the Terms of Service.

You are already involved in the community, so hang around! There is a wealth of information here and everyone is always glad to help.

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I like the way the font is green, exactly like the original menu. I would change the font as it seems to be not very suited for this watch theme.
You can find some font that is like the original here:

The “North West” on the compass seems to cross over the borders of the watch face, you might need to adjust the amount of space the compass text has to make it look more clean. Also, nice job with the background and the green ring around the border, it supplements the watch face!

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@WilliamS Thanks for the compliments :smile: , and even more for noticing that the compass needs to be changed, also I was already wondering where to find new fonts, so thanks for letting me know where to get them. :thinking: Already wondering which one to use :thinking: