Ornate Vintage Chriostmas on Tickwatch S no steps

I have a new Tickwatch S and have the Ornate Vintage Christmas installed. On the Dim display is is supposed to show # steps but just shows zero.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Or is this a bug?

Here is the watch face:

I don’t have a Ticwatch and I don’t have Dim Mode displayed on my current watch, so I cannot test it.
The design was created a couple of years ago. This issue today is the only problem that has been reported.

It magically started to work this morning… Maybe it was because I got the watch last Thursday… and it needed a Monday to reset the counter so it could start counting steps again?

I did not do anything special on the watch to make this happen…

I attribute it to the Magic of Christmas…


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Glad to learn that it works now.