P.849 Watchface Demo

Hi everyone. Here is my latest creation. I call it P.849. The outer rings actually serve as a conventional clock face, but there exists a digital display inside the inner space of the face. I plan to publish soon, with other color and element combos coming soon. I’m not sure yet which category to put this into, be it abstract, futuristic, lifestyle or space.


To me it would be a toss-up between Abstract and Futuristic. But I’m leaning a little more towards Futuristic actually. But with the health it could fit in lifestyle pretty easy also. They need another category named “Not Sure What This Is”! :laughing:

I also say rather futuristic …
i like this idea a lot.
unusual but very easy to read…
if you can read the small numbers with healthy eyes :rofl:

I’ll probably go with futuristic. I was going for esoteric but a bit more user friendly than usual.

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Looks great! Futuristic for sure! My only suggestion is to increase the font sizes a little if it doesn’t affect your artistic flair. I know I personally could not read that small a font.


I appreciate the feedback from everyone.

@bradtc, are we talking all of the numbers? Just the index or the digital items as well?

Edit:/ I made some changes. Updated most of the numbers all around and I feel it does seem easier on the eyes without feeling too crowded. What do you all think?

It looks all nice and good. I only like the higher contrast of the dim mode better.



Check this version.

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best version yet!

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Hi @ircrotale, sorry I was on vacation a few days. The newer high contrast version is certainly much easier to read. The numbers I was thinking about is all of them, but mostly just the time is important for a quick glance. I think it’s ok now. :+1::+1::+1: