Paid for no ads the premium but

Is that supposed to be the best it works? Paying for no ads and then premium? Seems like double dipping even if no ads was only like $6.99

Anyways that’s not really what I’m wondering. Prior to paying I was basically seeing the same kind of face I am now. When there are settings it’s usually just 12 hour or 24 hour and maybe a couple different color selections.

Is that a “premium” face or should there be more options to them?

Thanks in advance


Welcome @d0x360 . Yeah paying For the one off Facer Plus stops the adverts. Sometimes the Bot forgets you have Paid but it recovers its mistake quickly

If you have Premium you will see some faces have options to Tap on the screen to change stuff run the Chronograph or Apps. Those Makers usually post some screen grabs Illustrating what the Tap areas do. Or you will see something in the description.
Then of course you can pay for them as well. There are some faces you can only buy if you have Premium. Then there is Vienna Studios. Enjoy.

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Oh good, I do have those features on some watch faces.

I guess I was just thinking back to… Well I forget what watch I had years ago lol but the “premium” faces would let you set your own shortcuts from inside the watch face app but I don’t mind the presets.

The only thing I’m having an issue with has nothing to do with software at all. I can’t find a band for my galaxy classic watch 4 that fits me… Or if it would fit me it doesn’t fit the 46mm version of the watch even though it says it does.

Amazon… They really REALLY need to do something about sellers in China selling the exact same items under different brand names. It’s driving me crazy.

I have that chrome/edge extension that lets you know but it doesn’t catch a large number of them.

The way the scam works is the ask someone in the USA if they can use their address to register a store front and then they are back in business.

The people that let them use their addresses are the same fleet of people writing their fake reviews for free product

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You are not showing any Favourites on your Profile. Strangly you are not supposed to get a login without selecting 3 Favoyrites. Any way. ENJOY.

I picked favorites here’s a screenshot of them.

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Well not showing my end. Bot must be asleep over here.

This is what I gete here.

strange since i setup a profile around 7 hours ago, ill do a quick one again now, give me 5 and lemme know what you see

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Welcome to the Community @d0x360
I can see 3 Favourites on your Page -

P.S. Great choice of Creators there as well.


Yeah I see three now. Look for B# as well. Apart from us as well. No Pro Interactives. Including Roulette Wheels Courtesy of Gizmo.

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It was being weird, it kept telling me to upgrade to premium so I cried a bit since I paid for the year about 2 weeks ago.

It didn’t want me to prove myself lol.

I will definitely check out B#

Oh, while I was trying to figure out what was going on with my premium I went into support and saw a ticket from something like 2017 so I guess I was a member back then too but I remember the service being much smaller.

I also remember buying a ton of watch faces outside of it by someone named David someone I think

And white looking for his developer name I just found this email from an hour ago and I have no idea what’s going on… I just signed up! I never quit

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@Facer_Official what do I do? I definitely didn’t cancel. I just joined!

Edit below

The only thing I can figure is I somehow got billed twice in once per Google play account.

I’m trying to figure it out now but I’m still a premium member under my primary email address which is the important one…

Not entirely sure how it could have signed me up under the other because that one requires a password to prevent such things from occuring. Just in case the little profile icon gets touched while in the store.

Although… It’s an in app purchase so that actually makes even less sense…

I’ll get it sorted

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Hopefully it is just a glitch . I would sign out reboot and sign back in again. Something to do with the old account. Otherwise you will have to get another ticket from Facer. Contact them on thier Help line. Sorry I do not have the link Handy I am supposed to be doing Gardening.

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I’ll cover for you @russellcresser

For premium issues you need to contact @Facer_Official at: or email them at: