Paid Sub but App doesnt Recgnize itr

I have made multiple support requests but all they do is close as resolved. Its NOT.
I have rebooted, removed / Reinstalled the Apps. Am really frustrated. Am thinking that Facer may be some kind of SCAM/Fraud? Looking for solution/resolutiion/suggestions.

Sometimes it takes a bit for it to show up. Are you signed into Facer using the same email address you used to purchase your subscription? I have the Plus lifetime subscription to remove outside adds from the Facer app. I have two accounts and I traded email addresses on them to match the account username. When I did that, I found I had to sign in with the account that had the email I used to purchase the Plus upgrade. After I did that, it started working within an hour or so. 73 from a fellow ham in Indiana!


Yes, same email sub’d to. Facer never responded, closing all my cases. I finally decided that > 3hrs troubleshooting this was far too much so I cancelled and requested a refund for a non functional App

What kind of problem do you have?

You’ve bought subscription to what (Premium, PRO, Facer Plus)?
Which apps do not work? Facer is one app.

What kind of watch you have?
Do the free watchfaces work on your watch?


As mentioned above, when you contact support you need to be specific. They need to know the version of Facer installed, phone and watch models and other details about the software of the devices. Did you include that information when you contacted them?

yes i did. i even sent screen shots. i worked in Networking/IT so theres a lot i tried to do. uninstalled/reinstalled. may as well close this this thread since I gave up.
thanks for responding

Hi, I have a subscription to the PRO version…could you tell me what this lifetime plus version is like?

That just removes non-Facer advertisements from the Facer phone app. You will still get Facer advertisements though.

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Apple Iphone 13, Apple watch 9, facer premium