Parametric Equation: The Manta Ray

Hi all,
Yet another delirium around Parametric equations and weird movements.
Gosh I enjoy that…

My memories from under the regional waters came back to mind as I discovered that equation…
One day, we are all gonna dive (head down: d!ve).

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Feedback are more than welcome.

The concept is just amazing! Gosh I want to learn how to code like this! And is so clever and fun! How is it done? I can apply it like to a silhouette? Amazing design

Thanks for the comment :smile:

Well, it’s unfortunately not that flexible.
Parametric Equations are all the curves defined by:
x = f(t) and y = g(t)

x= cos t
y = sin t
–> Gets you a circle

x = a * cos t
y = b * sin t
–> Gets you an ellipse.

And in our case, I used something along the lines of:
x = cos(t) - cos(2*t)^3
y = sin( t) - sin(3t)^3

There are plenty of weird shapes and I’m sure you can find your preferred ones…
For example you can find a few different heart equations by just using google :wink:
The sky is the limit…

Have fun…