[Partially solved] Dual time zones?

Hello, I’m new to the Facer app and just started playing around with the creator today.

I was wondering if there was a way to add another time zone?
Right now I’m making a watchface with the standard #DHZ#:#DmZ# tags, and would like to include another digital clock underneath them, displaying the time for another time zone.

Is there a way to accomplish this?
I apologize if the answer to this is very simple and I’m just not seeing it. So I’d appreciate any help!
Next step is to check out a reddit thread on the subject, but it’s a year old and apparently not completely sound. So I’m hoping there’s an easier/simpler way to accomplish it.


Edit: 22:34 CET - Added link to the reddit thread

Off the top of my head, could you try

(#DHZ# + X):#DmZ#

where X is the offset from your local time? Of course, if you’re travelling between time zones this would be completely useless, since the offset would be offset once you leave your initial zone.

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Thanks for your reply!

I might need some help on the math there to make that work. When you say X is the offset from my local time, I’m having a little trouble figuring that out. My time zone is GMT+1 and the additional time zone I’m trying to add is MST. So right now it’s 22:30 here and it’s 14:30 there.

The only thing I could see that would make it line up properly was

(#DHZ# + -8):#DmZ#

but then it only works from 9:00 to 23:59 my time. From 00:00 to 8:59 it’ll just show #DmZ#

Yeah, missed that point. Now here’s a new problem.
Consider this:


Is DHZ greater or equal to 8?
Yes, you can show the current hour minus 8 and it’ll show the correct hour.
No, it’s absolutely less than 8, add 16 to get my hour.

The YES part works flawlessly but the NO part turns up blank. If someone else can point out what I’m missing, I’ll be at the drawing board…

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Yeah, we are definitely wandering into something that I can’t quite wrap my head around. While I understand how the expression you wrote works, it’s proving very difficult for me to figure out an ultimate solution.

But I guess you at least bought me another hour! Now it’ll work from 8:00 to 23:59, which I guess is something, haha.

Regardless, I want to thank you for getting me this far.

Edit: 23:36 CET - Eureka!

I finally started reading through the above mentioned reddit thread and tried my best to understand it. chitowngreeny cracked it! I would’ve preferred a solution that used DHZ (leading zero, 00-23) instead of just DH (0-23), but at least now it’ll tell me the right time 24/7.
But maybe someone else can find a DHZ solution?

While I feel a bit silly for bringing up the topic here, asking for help, when the answer was sort of there all along, I hope others here might benefit from the solution as well.


That’s the expression that I’m currently using. For a proper explanation of how it works, read chitowngreeny’s explanation. All I did was follow his example and use the positive GMT offset, instead of the negative GMT offset. So in this case that would be 16 hours.

Thanks again to @Eno for taking the time to try different solutions.

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I don’t see how this is solved. The offset isn’t dynamic. If I fly from central to east coast the 2nd clock’s time will be incorrect.

I’m trying to make a watch face that has a 2nd clock that always shows UTC (not dependent on any other timezone).

I wish facer would just have a UTC code/tag.

It isn’t. I marked it Partially Solved, because I found a less than perfect solution to my original question. I wanted to figure out how to display dual time zones and that goal was accomplished, although not quite with the end result that I wanted.

I would really love it if Facer supported dual time zones, natively.

We can use UTC as a reference time. If your intended time zone is XX hours and YY minutes away from UTC time then

( ( #DUH# + XX + floor((#DUm#+YY)/60) )%24 )

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I am a long time Pebble user, who has switched to an Android watch (the Asus Zenwatch) now that Pebble had died. On my Pebble, I always had it set to show multiple time zones because I travel a lot. I used a face that showed local time on top, then the West Coast, East Coast, and Italy time (the locations for my company) no matter where I was. I have been very disappointed to fined that there isn’t an equivalent for the Android watches. I’ve read through this thread and it looks like a partial solution (I would have to log in and change the offset on arrival) but I have no idea how to attach scripts to a time display, So, a few questions:

  1. How do I attach a script to a time display?
  2. Is there any likelihood so that the a face can be created with times updating correctly when the local time zone changed? (On my Pebble, I had to resend the face when landing at the new location, without the need to edit anything).
  3. I did find one possibly useful face on Reddit, but it was downloaded as a .face file. How do I upload it to the watch?

OK, I found out about adding the script, and used the example to add a second time, with the following:
( ( #DUh# + 01 + floor((#DUm#+00)/60) )%24 ) :((#DUm#+00)%60) Italy

This adds the time for a second time zone and the text “Italy” to show it is the time in our Italian office. However, it shows it with a 24 hr clock and I want a 12 hr clock. I tried simply changing it to:
( ( #DUh# + 01 + floor((#DUm#+00)/60) )%12 ) :((#DUm#+00)%60) Italy

This almost works - except from 12 noon until 1 pm in Italy it shows 0 for the hours (e.g., 0:05 for 12:05), even though the Duh tag should give me 1 through 12. Any ideas for this?

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I’ve taken it one step further and now have three time zones, simply changing the +01 to +16 (and the text) to have it show West Coast times. I’m curious about how this will update once I change timezones - I’ll find out when I go to San Diego next week (I’m on the East Coast right now). There is still some oddities with the numbers - the one I mentioned above with the 12 noon to 1 pm showing the hour as zero, and the leading zeros are missing so it shows, for example 11:4 for for 11:04.

@jeffp25 @soccerguy243 @eno @jackalriot @tln @Mellin
be interested to know if there are TAGS to create the attached watch face I’m trying to make?

@jeffp25 interested in your findings re your partial solution and travels from East to West coast

So if my time zone is germany , what would i have to add if i need a time zone that is 7 h back ?

We were discussing similar problem twice recently.
If it does not help you derive your own formula, I will try again.