Passing creator face to watch

Brand new to the community. I bought a cheap watch to test this stuff out on. If it all works I’ll migrate to a higher dollar watch.

Right now i’m working on a Ticwatch S model.

I’ve got facer connected, can send faces from my mobile to my phone.

I created a generic face in creator to test functionality. I click on ‘send to watch’ and it says ‘sent’ but i don’t see the face.

Can someone point me to a resource that I could read on this?

Thank you


What phone do you use? Is it an Android device or iPhone?

Are you using an Android or iOS device? If you are using an Android, you can log into the Facer app on your phone and see the drafts that you have and sync them to your watch via the Facer phone app.

Actually (and this is common with me) Just after I posted I think I found the problem.

it does send it (it’s a ticwatch s) and I’m using an Android phone (old galaxy note 3) and it works.

It appears the problem was, it’s delayed a bit. once i sent it, it didn’t show when i clicked the gear under ‘facer’ choosing the face. But I just noticed the old one I pushed now shows, so I was able to choose it then.

Very nice!

Wish there was a downloadable app. i’m used to working in an IDE, which this is, but I’d prefer it local.

Either way, very slick app! Thank you for the reply

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Thanks for the reply. Actually it does. once you go to your faces, when you get to ‘facer’ you click the gear, and the new face will appear in the scroll. I just didn’t give it enough time to sync up

There is the Facer app that you download on your phone and that is fairly simple and easy to use for transferring faces to your watch. It takes a few seconds for your watch to update, but you will see the little progress dial move around your screen as it goes.