#PBN# Starting Point

I’m driving myself nuts trying to figure this out. My understanding is that #BLN# and #PBN# are both integers from 1-100. My issue is when I am attempting to create a dial with these figures I should be able to use the same function:

Watch Battery Level (Hand)
This places the start at 12 o’clock and rotates is clockwise

Phone Battery Level (Hand)
This should replicate the above dial and rotation, but for some inexplicable reason the hand is facing between the 7 and 8 o’clock positions.

Is there a different starting point for the Phone battery integer? Or is there a different range than 1-100? I wish the documentation was more clear in this.

So I did make a realization. By adding a Battery indicator for the phone and watch, I was able to see that the time machine starts the Phone Battery off at 38% when in the 12:00:00 position. So the indicator does appear correct.

I’m such a noob.