Pendulum upside down

Hi All,

Can anyone modify the formula to get the object in the test face swing from point A instead of point B?

face is open for inspection.


You don’t need a formula.

Check the anchor/align point for 1.png (the Align button underneath the edit window)

Change it from the center of the image, to the top middle button:

[ ][ ][ ]
[ ][X][ ]
[ ][ ][ ]

[ ][X][ ]
[ ][ ][ ]
[ ][ ][ ]

At that point the image will sway from the A point. You may need to move the image higher once you do so.

Y: 40

Hey cth4242,

Thank you for your quick reply.

Is this Align button and edit window available in the free account version of Facer(web)? Can not find it…

Srry mate,

Just found it, always overlooked it, how blind can one become looking almost daily to the same interface :wink:

Thanks again!


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