People Are Having Issues With Intermittent Step Count

I’ve been getting comments from several people in the last week about their steps count not showing or updating all the time on my watch faces. These are on faces that just have the #ZSC# with no extra expressions. Apparently, it’s mostly Galaxy Watch 4 having the issue. I’ve mentioned that in several comment answers and those that respond have all been GW4 users. This is what “seems” to fix the issue.

Restart your watch. Next make sure you have granted Facer permission to access your Location, Sensors, and if you have it, Receive complication data. It’s been mentioned (by @rob.fisk ) that some watches when going into battery save mode will turn off those permissions and not turn them back on when charged and battery save mode is turned off.

These two things should fix the issue. Could @Facer_Official comment on this, if there are a lot of GW4 watch owners complaining about this issue on their end? It seems like there are new glitches in Samsung’s last GW4 update that are now just beginning to show.


Just to note that I was one of the people that mentioned the intermittant issue of location not getting re-enablued after charge from battery saving.
This was on a Fossil Gen6, just to add context for one specific instance.


I thought you had, but I wasn’t totally sure either. That’s why I tried to write it up as general as possible.


An user told me about that but he fixed by restarting the watch, not sure it that could help.

Thank you! I thought my watch was stuffed.