Perfect Hybrid Design Request

Wow !

Honestly that’s all I can say :sweat_smile:

This project turned out even better than I could have imagined ! It is absolutely fantastic !

I honestly love it and couldn’t ask for more !

If you choose to continue to update the watch face, I will absolutely love it and follow its evolution and try its new variants for sure !

I can only imagine it will get better from here and incorporate more fine tunning ! I am genuinely one of those people that beilieve you should do what you love and are great at and this is genuinely testimony to that and while I’ll gladly offer feedback I would consider your opinion and evolution of this much higher.

Thanks again! This is a fantastic community and I was not expecting this type of response. You guys are all awesome people.

Brilliant work .Love the Colour Changing Quadrant Gauges . Stock Hands on that look Brilliant . I could draw you some in CAD if you would like . I just did not want to mussel in on your project . I do not see any action on the Heart Rate Quad I am Intrigued to see what the little Leaf Does . Can you Please make this Project Inspectable . I would say that I thought you were going for Total Calories . There are formulas on the community for that . You could publish a version that is calibrated to s Biometrics that will be 5% correct.

Thanks for the compliments !

I just updated the BMP with the 5 in color zones. I did look at the “total calories posts” but really was not sure of any formula to use that would help as far as progress is concerned since there is no calorie number that shows on this model. What formula are you using at this point Russel?

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You really did a fantastic job !

I think the watch came out brilliantly !

I will continue to use this, I really just thunk it is a pity about the quality with regards to facer. Unless I am missing something.

I did post comments to show this and hope it helps ! Maybe the devs see it ?

Have a great week further! You guys are awesome !

1 Like Thanks, glad you like it!

I’d welcome some hands if you want to make them! I’ve used photoshop and Gimp and neither work for me without a struggle. If you have a good system perhaps you could do a tutorial!
I’m going to continue to work on calories and my “leaf number” and will update if I can improve on it. Thanks for the advice and appreciation. I’ll do an inspection mode when I have it finished.

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@thomasfmal . It would be best I email them . I will try DM you .

Here we are as well . just in case .
Just scale the Min Hand on Creator to make the Hrs.

Wow - great job !! I will make a second version using your hands. Any further thoughts on the Calories progress?

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So here is a Test I made. The Tweeks are to calibrate it to my biometrics. I am 6foot 1 1/2 inches tall an weigh abou 13 stone.

I am sure you know how to scale ti’s formula to the progress arc.

Get back if you are not sure. When you publish you face I do not want any credit… I don’t want people knocking on my door. If you want to, crediit the esprit of the Community.


So here is what I’m currently using for my calories:

Getting into user height, weight, sex, etc is not practical. Most people just want to load a face that looks good and works for the average person.

If you look at calories burned during the day, here is what I found: The average person burns 50 calories an hour just sleeping, can burn 100 an hour just sitting and 150 an hour just standing. Therefore, I’m using an average of 100 calories an hour burned over a 24hr period. When we walk it adds about 120 more calories to standing, about 220 an hour (about 6000 steps). If you walked 10,000 steps in 2 hours you would burn a total of about 400 calories.
To have a calorie arc, we NEED to have a goal, and endpoint. If we use 10K as our step goal then the walking calorie goal is about 200 more added to our day. So, I used a calorie goal of 2600 (24 hours at 100 calories per hour, and an extra 200 if you attain the 10K steps).

The star does not show in the expression so here it is with an “X” to show where the stars are.


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Hi Charlie . I hope it is ok to call you that . Well done . When they ask tell them the numbers they get from your Gadgets are Comparative . They need to be held up to each other on a daily basis for comparison not numbers that come from another devices . I can not fault your results . Please let me have a Look at your Leaf Sciences Gadget Maths .
When you post formulas highlight them an d apply the thing Highlighted . That preserves it when you post the comment .

You can call me Charlie!
I’m using the following for the mysterious leaf, lol:

I was thinking that bpm needs to be set at continuous, but when I tried that the number jumped around a lot. You can achieve a number over 100 if you jog or run your steps.
It seems to me that the bmp is NOT an average but reads current or manual HR, so this is the problem. LMK if you have any ideas.

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No I like that. You can smooth numbers out but it is not something I have done. It will be a good exersize. When you run the Simulator on the apps the Heart Rate douse jump about. As an indication of how things are going I think it is Brilliant. May be find a way to change the balance a bit. My feeling is that it should offer encouragement.

Great, I’m happy to have your support!! Can I call you Russell?

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Yeah Charlie please call me Russell . Rusty and Cress are my childhood Knick Names .
I am looking at the Leaf Sciences . We have a Contradiction as someone who actually trains a lot might have a resting Heart Rate of 40 bpm where as mine is probably 80 . Actually 90 at the moment according to my watch . I have only logged 680 steps .
What I was thinking rather than multiply heat by steps factor them and add the factored numbers . The factoring is the trick . This gives you 0 to 1 so just multiply it by your max number number or use it for a progress Bar or Arc . The factors are completely made up with no thought whatsoever . I just wanted to show you the maths I had in mind .


I was thinking you could have a load of conditionals like you did with you heart rate arcs. But and a couple of values together and use them to flag an image like a medal or a trophy etc.

So it woud be something like.

IF heart rate is low and ( & & ) steps are high.then ? congratulations ELSE get off your ass. ENDIF

I will ake a code sample when I am on my Laptop again.

@thomasfmal . Congrats on Charting.

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I never thought of that - resting heartbeat of an athlete. I’ll look at your figures and keep rethinking this leafomatic!


Wow congrats Charlie !

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Wow I m here number 93…